pre-bending of plates
before forming
forming by 4.000 ton
press brake
Submerged Arc Welding
(SAW) is one of the welding
methods when pipes are
manufactured from
single plates
after forming and
welding pipes are
solution annealed

Sosta manufactures austenitic, duplex and nickel alloy welded stainless steel pipes both from coil and from plate. During continuous production from coil, in one single operation the base material can be formed into a pipe, welded, heat-treated and subjected to non-destructive testing. All welding processes are controlled by laser seam tracking equipment to optimize the quality of the weld seam.

For the production of pipes from single stainless steel plates, the base material is formed into a pipe on the press brake or in the three roll bending system, subsequently welded by fully automated welding equipment and afterwards heat-treated.

Destructive and non-destructive testing on base materials, longitudinal and circumferential welds are done in our in-house testing facilities.

All pipes are pickled and passivated in our 13 meter long pickling facilities.

Production from coil

Next to the production of welded pipes from single plates Sosta has excellent facilities for the production of austenitic, duplex and nickel alloy grades made in a continuous production process from coil.

Following sizes can be produced:

The pipes can be manufactured in fixed lengths and random lengths between 4 and 12 meter.

Production from single plates

Sosta manufactures pipes from single plates in the following size range:

Next to the standard austenitic grades Sosta's material range includes high performance austenitic stainless steel, high temperature austenitic stainless steel, duplex & superduplex stainless steel and nickel alloy grades.

The pipes can be produced in single random or double random lengths. Furthermore Sosta has fully automatic welding equipment to make circumferential welds to enable the supply of double random lengths with a maximum length of 12 meter.

Scope of production

Sosta manufactures welded austenitic, duplex and nickel alloy welded stainless steel pipes in accordance with:

In below table you find our production range for our continuous production from coil as well as our production from single plates.

Production range up to 40mm Material range Dimensions and weights